Marketplace Providing

We have extensive experience in creating and running marketplaces. If you're an exporter, we can help you create a marketplace facilitating trade between your suppliers and buyers all over the world.

We can offer you a wide range of sales types, whether it's a type of auction or tender or simply a buy and sell mechanism. We have tools to help you market the products being sold through our platform in many different ways. We have worked in several markets and understand the right type of sale to match your product.

If you have complex tendering we can work with you give you the platform to help you manage your procurement process. If you have high quality and commercial grade products, we can help you take it to market and provide several payments options including paying on a (%) buyers commission. Different types of auctions and sales suit different types of product which we can advise on the best approach. If we don’t have exactly what you need, we can customise our platform to suit your needs.

We're always one step ahead...

We understand how modern technologies can benefit the supply chain. We know Smart Contracts and Traceability and we work with logistics partners to help you move your products around the globe. We can integrate technologies to manage the flow of funds from the buyer to the seller. You can even take your fees as the transaction is made. We work in many different way depending upon your business model. In many ways, the business model employed can influence the outcome of a successful marketplace. If you can provide easy access for buyers and sellers you will create a thriving marketplace which will see lots of repeat business. We can advise on the best way to provide that access for both buyers and sellers through a shared cost of trade facilitation.

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The last thing you want is to be charged for ass-ons you didn't even know you had. That's why we discuss the full terms of your useage directly before any contracts, do you're never paying more than you should.


Need to know how each auction is performing? Use our detailed analytics features to find out how bidding is progressing and how bidders are responding to specific marketing material.


Multiple language support is a must when trading globally. With Sensible Development, you can present your auction platforms in multiple languages to make sure you connect with all your bidders.


Fully hosted solution based around a powerful server cluster which provides multiple redundancies and auto-scaling across several physical servers when required.


We're here for your every need and want to make sure everything runs smoothly for you. That's why our team in Brighton are there to support you, whenever you need us.


We've created an admin dashboard that's so easy, you could run an auction seconds after your platform goes live. We also provide step-by step guides on our advanced features so you can fully optimise your auctions.