Multi-Language Capabilities

Our multi-language capability is designed to be easy-to-use, while providing the maximum level of flexibility for auctions that may cross language-barriers.

Have you ever wanted the ability to sell an item simultaneously across a number of languages, without needing to manually translate each word? Thanks to our live translation widget, any potential bidder can re-phrase an item’s details & information into their language instantly, and without fuss.

With several languages as standard across the entire front and back-end suite, we also provide bespoke options for provision of any other language you may need. Experience complete control over all site pages, navigation, control elements and email communication, offering everything you need to seamlessly operate across international boundaries.

Our multi-language capability provides control over:

Standardised System Text

  • Bidding panels: including bidding buttons, opening bids, time left etc.
  • Error messages
  • Site-wide labels & headings
  • Titles and guidance notes

Administrator-Controlled Site Content

  • ‘Flat’ information pages such as ‘Contact’ & ‘About Us’
  • Auction categories
  • General site and explanation text

Email & Communication Templates

  • User information emails
  • Bidding emails, including bid conformations and outbid notifications
  • Registration & administration emails, such as password reset

Individual Auction & Lot Information

  • Auction overview and outline
  • Lot titles & descriptions
  • All translations on changeable content are provided by a translation widget. This removes the need for individual and continual translations on each and every auction or lot; saving both time and money.