Live Auction Webcasting

For those auctioneers who wish to extend the reach of a traditional room based auction out on to the web, then this webcasting module will provide the ability to broadcast lots, one at a time to your auction website as bids are made.

It comes with the following features:

  • Dynamic auction page that updates in real time as bids are made.
  • Lots on the website are auctioned one at a time as the room bidding progresses.
  • As each lot finishes the next lot moves up the page to become the current lot
  • There is an auction administrator console that provides a person in the room with the ability to transcribe bids in to the website.
  • There is an auctioneer console which provides the auctioneer with a real time view of what bids are being made by online bidders.
  • Full messaging service that provides a link between the room and the website. Announcements can be made to the online bidders by the administrator.
  • Online bidders can message the auction room, in real time, to ask questions.
  • Live audio from the auction room
  • Lot set up is the same as for our online auction system.
  • Winning bidder reports can be generated from the admin system.
  • Invoices can be generated for online bidders.

Essentially the bidding in the room is added to the website through an easy to use console. Bids can be entered using a number keypad, or by clicking the mouse.  Once the lot is complete the admin closes the lot and brings up the next one at the press of a button.

As this transition occures online bidders then see the old lot close and the next one transition from the “Upcoming Lots” to the “Current Auction Item”. This all happens in the browser without any need for any special software or plugins.

If you’d like to try out  our auction webcasting software then please contact us and we will give you access to our webcasting demo site. Or perhaps look at the slide show above which provides links and logins for the different roles – both bidder and auction scribe/admin.