Advanced Reporting Features

Our advanced reporting module covers a wide variety of business-enhancing drill-down reports that will allow you to precisely manage and administer auctions, achieving the best control & ROI possible.

Auction sales reports provide the valuable breakdowns required so that you can monitor every detail of the end-to-end sales process, while system usage reports allow clear visibility of in-depth site and auction statistics, as well as offering key marketing feedback data.

Auction Sales Reports

The main four Auction Sales Reports, provide lot-level drill-down and detail on:

Auction Sales : A full breakdown, on an auction-by-auction basis, of sold/unsold lots

  • All sold lots, with their final hammer price, and who the winning bidder was.
  • The highest bids achieved per lot, and which made reserve.
  • Which lots remained unsold or didn’t achieve their reserve by auction-end.
  • Auction total sales at hammer price.
  • Provides live information during an auction to allow pro-active management.
  • Full Excel export available.

Vendor Sales : An auction-by-auction breakdown of lots sold on behalf of a third-party

  • All sold & un-sold and reserves-met, as in the main Auction Sales report.
  • Individual totals by vendor for a clear financial view at auction-end.
  • Full Excel export available.

Buyers Lots : All purchases made and lots won on a bidder-by-bidder basis

  • Itemisation of individual lots won.
  • Full bidder contact details.
  • Total purchase amounts, broken down by hammer price & postage cost.
  • Full Excel export available.

Unsold Lots : An auction-by-auction breakdown of lots that remained unsold at auction-end

  • Itemised list of unsold lots.
  • Details of highest bid achieved versus reserve prices.
  • Full Excel export available.

Usage Reports

Our five main UsageReports, provide in-depth site and auction statistics on:

Live Lots : Clearly shows how many lots are live at any one time

  • Great for throughput analysis.
  • Broken down by day.


Watched Lots : Gauge how many users are watching your lots at any one time

  • Gain a better appreciation of responsiveness to your marketing efforts.
  • Allows you to understand which lots are more sought after.
  • Shows which users are watching particular lots; useful for profiling and sales direction.
  • Broken down by day.

Unique User Sessions : How many users were logged in during that day

  • Provides insight into marketing response achieved – such as email campaigns.
  • Gauge popularity of upcoming auctions.
  • Broken down by day.


User Registrations Daily user registration breakdowns

  • How many people are registering for your auctions on a daily basis.
  • Enables comparison with current auctions and trend analysis.
  • A further indicator of marketing penetration.
  • Broken down by day.

Bids Per Day : Bid volumes and breakdowns

  • How many bids are your auctions achieving each day.
  • Gauge if bid volume is in response to lot volume.
  • Which marketing efforts are affecting bidding volumes.
  • Broken down by day.

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