Current Auctions

If you are interested in what we can do, why not check out some of the many live and timed online auctions currently running worldwide using Sensible Development software:

Current & Upcoming Auction

DateSectorAuction TitleCompanyLotsTime (London)
16-01-2021WLC Auctions171509:00:00
18-01-2021MachineryThe Business Assets and Trading Giftware Stock of Calliope Gifts LimitedMarriott & Co815:00:00 Closing
20-01-2021MachineryThe Business Assets of The Bloomsbury Distillery LimitedMarriott & Co815:00:00 Closing
28-01-2021Machinery1st Machinery Auctions1115:00:00 Closing
28-01-2021CoffeeSheba CoffeeSheba Coffee2310:00:00
02-01-2021CoffeeNgorongoro Private auctionACE
03-01-2021MachineryOnline Auction - Atmosphere Limited (In Liquidation) & OthersMarriott & Co11015:00:00 Closing
18-01-2021CoffeeIsla Private auctionACE
20-05-2021CoffeeColombia Cup of ExcellenceACE
24-06-2021CoffeeEthiopia Cup of ExcellenceACE
29-06-2021CoffeeNicaragua Cup of ExcellenceACE
15-07-2021CoffeeMexico Cup of ExcellenceACE
22-07-2021CoffeeHonduras Cup of ExcellenceACE
27-07-2021CoffeeGuatemalan Cup of ExcellenceACE
29-07-2021CoffeeCosta Rica Cup of ExcellenceACE
10-08-2021CoffeeEl Salvador Cup of ExcellenceACE

Ongoing Marketplaces

The following sites are ongoing trading platforms that are currently active. The online marketplaces are variations on the traditional auction model and usually trade multiple items on an ongoing basis rather than via specific sale events. Some have been significantly customised to suit the needs of particular sectors, such as real estate or data sourcing.

Crowd Source Marketplace (Canada)ScotiaMcleod, Canada