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    If you are interested in what we can do, why not check out some of the many live and timed online auctions currently running worldwide using Sensible Development software:

    Current & Upcoming Auction



    DateSectorAuction TitleCompanyLotsTime London
    Aug 11thMachineryOn Instructions of a UK PLCMachine Bidder32213:00 PM
    Aug 11thMachineryMachien Components PartsNew England1814:00 PM
    Aug 11thMachineryTuesday 11th AugustTruck and Plant14814:00 PM
    Aug 12thMachineryForklift Auction1st Machinery315:00 PM
    Aug 12thMachineryAztec Mouldings, Mpac Labert, Office Carpet TilesNew England314:00 PM
    Aug 12thCoffeePride of Gesha 2020 Coffee AuctionPride of Gesha2309:00 AM
    Aug 13thMachineryUK Window GroupNew England1314:00 PM
    Aug 14thMachineryA slection of 20th Century Drawings, Posters, Photographs and Art WorkMarriot & Co915:00 PM
    Aug 19thMachineryProplas 2008 LtdNew England414:00 PM
    Aug 20thMachineryAugust Featured Auction1st Machinery116:00 PM
    Aug 25thMachineryPrima Industrie 'Platino 1530' CO2 Laser Cutting MachineNew England114:00 PM
    Sep 3rdMachineryCitizien Machinery Auction1st Machinery215:00PM
    Sep 3rdMachineryPlayden Tools LtdNew England9114:00PM
    Sep 9thMachineryAerospace Industry Auction1st Machinery215:00PM
    Sep 10thMachinerySeptember Featured Auction1st Machinery615:00PM
    Sep 17thCoffeeBest of Panama eAuction - Speciality Coffee 2020Best of Panama5212:00AM
    Sep 23rdMachineryPrecision Toolmakers Auction1st Machinery1615:00PM


    Ongoing Marketplaces

    The following sites are ongoing trading platforms that are currently active. The online marketplaces are variations on the traditional auction model and usually trade multiple items on an ongoing basis rather than via specific sale events. Some have been significantly customised to suit the needs of particular sectors, such as real estate or data sourcing.

    • Crowd Source Marketplace (Canada)
    ScotiaMcleod, Canada