Coffee Auctions

Sensible Development is one of the very few globally-acknowledged specialists in online coffee auction software.

We host around 30 coffee auctions each year and work for coffee producers in South America, Central America and Africa and facilitate trade with buyers in Asia, Europe and North America. We work with several key clients (including the premier specialty coffee organisation Alliance for Coffee Excellence) and organisations who promote sustainable coffee productions methods. Our auctions have sold the most expensive coffee in the world over the past two years breaking the price record in both years. We continue to generate interest from coffee producers who realise the potential for their business in using us to operate their auction platform.

We can bring our recognized coffee sector expertise and cutting-edge technology to your website; helping you easily and profitably auction your coffee, seamlessly manage the marketing and sales process, and maximise your returns. For each auction:

  • The auctions are run on a particular type of multi-unit auction that adds value to all the lots in the auction. This is a proven method to maximise revenues.
  • Resilient, scalable and tested auction platform & hosting infrastructure that is able to cope with auction durations of at least 6-8 hours in length.
  • This business-critical consultancy has been identified as a key driver in revenue generation and maximising profitability. Every event and client need will differ, but broadly speaking, the support we provide might include:
  • Discussing a lot selection process and criteria
  • Advising on lot sizing, quantity, division and description
  • Advising on lot pricing strategies - increments, reserve and bid structures
  • Advice on acceptance of bidding applications
  • Samples pricing and collection
  • Bidder Registration and Approval – once bidders have registered, you decide which bidders to approve for bidding on the auction. You will be able to see each application and then approve or reject each one. Only approved bidders will be able to bid on the auction.
  • Sample Ordering – we can take payment for the samples and send the money to your account. When you receive payments you can send out the samples directly to the bidders.
  • Dynamic updates – our websites updates every three seconds
  • Branding – the platform can be branded to match your branding requirements and we are also able to make bespoke changes to the core system to suit your particular business needs.
  • Email Marketing Campaign - We have a database of active Coffee Bidders that are always looking for the next great batch of coffee! We can put together a campaign to reach out to prospective bidders to drive higher user participation.
  • Technical on the day support



The last thing you want is to be charged for add-ons you didn't even know you had. That's why we discuss the full terms of your useage directly before any contracts, do you're never paying more than you should.


Need to know how each auction is performing? Use our detailed analytics features to find out how bidding is progressing and how bidders are responding to specific marketing material.


Multiple language support is a must when trading globally. With Sensible Development, you can present your auction platforms in multiple languages to make sure you connect with all your bidders.


Fully hosted solution based around a powerful server cluster which provides multiple redundancies and auto-scaling across several physical servers when required.


We've created an admin dashboard that's so easy, you could run an auction seconds after your platform goes live. We also provide step-by-step guides on our advanced features so you can fully optimise your auctions. 


We're here for your every need and want to make sure everything runs smoothly for you. That's why our team in Brighton are there to support you, whenever you need us.