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Who Are We?

About Sensible Development

Sensible Development are a UK-based web development company with a global client base spanning 4 continents. We’ve been established for over 14 years and we specialise in building robust, affordable and smart web applications that grow with your business. We are recognised as market leaders in online auction software, providing platforms for a diverse range of industry sectors.

Our online auction solutions engage customers and drive revenue by looking good and working well, they streamline processes by integrating with your back office systems, and reduce the costs ordinarily lost in commission fees.

Our Team & Associates

We are a highly experienced team of experts in web and mobile development, usability and real-time systems able to consult on all aspects of your project; from design and marketing to CMS and third-party data integration, process automation to auction sales strategy.


Alan Newman

Founder & Managing Director

Renowned internationally as an auction software expert, Alan comes from a web development background creating financial trading and loan management systems, working with major corporates such as HSBC and Nokia, as well as across the UK public sector.

Alan brings a deep understanding of complex client needs in the context of their overall business objectives, and helps translate those ideas into robust online solutions that make real impact. His formidable breadth of knowledge in the auction arena and his expertise across a range of key industry sectors ensures that our systems reflect each client’s market and make sense commercially. In his spare time, Alan is a dad of three and a keen competitive cyclist.


Steven Nash

Lead System Developer

Steve leads the day-to-day site maintenance and development for our clients, so you are likely to hear from him when we roll out new features for you. Hugely likeable and dedicated with a keen eye for detail, Steve also plays a key role in mentoring our newer staff.

In his spare time, Steve combines work, family life and postgraduate study and was recently one of the special few to be awarded a First Class Masters Degree in Computer Science from Sussex University.


Luana Chase

Senior Developer

In 2015 we were proud to welcome Luana, Sensible Development’s first female programmer. Women are still under-represented in this field and our industry as a whole, but Luana easily holds her own in terms of talent and coding skill-set. A native Italian speaker, a passionate cook and a quietly accomplished developer, she brings a fresh new perspective to the team. Luana specialises in managing our server security and hosting, and is currently working on the migration of our platform to a cloud-based system.


Yuka Wada

Junior Software Developer

We were delighted to welcome Yuka, our second female programmer to the team this year, who has joined us as part of our continuing talent development program. She works on a range of applications, from routine software upgrades to user interface improvements on a supervised basis.


Anna Murzyn

Business Development

Anna has worked with us for several years on a consultancy basis and brings invaluable customer experience, having specified the front-end and site functionality for our first real estate client. She has worked globally with major corporates including GE Finance and Dun & Bradstreet, as well as driving revenue growth across the SME and non-profit sectors, and is now focusing on our client marketing and business development.


John Chasey

Non-Executive Director

John works with us on an interim basis to assist with our strategic overview, structure and market positioning. He is hugely experienced in the technology industry and is able to offer deep insight into changes software world.


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