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Who Are We?

About Sensible Development

We are a Brighton-based web development agency with clients across the UK. We’ve been established for ten years and we specialise in building robust web applications that can grow with your business.  Our sites can help you automate your processes because they’re easy to integrate with your back office systems such as accounting and fulfillment systems.  For the past five years, we’ve specialised in the area of online auctions.

Our Team & Associates

Sensible Development is a team of experts in web and mobile phone development, usability, web design and enterprise-level real-time database-driven systems.


Alan Newman

Managing Director

That’s me cycling on the Alps with my son last summer. It keeps me sane when I’m not working! I’m founder and Managing Director.

I talk to and understand what our current and potential clients need from an auction system and then make sure those ideas become features on the our auction platform. I come from a background of developing financial trading systems and a loans management system for global financier George Soros whilst working for bank HSBC (formerly: Republic National Bank of New York), so I know what it takes to make sure things are done properly. Our product is designed to be hugely scalable. We come from a background of being web developers first, and I make sure we combine that ethos with our auction knowledge to create a truly modern auction platform. We are always looking to the future and looking for new ways to deliver our product. We like to see what’s coming and we adopt and adapt our system to keep it up to date.


John Montgomery

Lead Developer & Architect

That cat picture was drawn by John, who is a bit of a creative in his spare time. He’s actually sold a piece of art in the past – he’s that good. He also likes to spend his spare time crafting things. His current project is to make a model railway that fits inside a suitcase. I kid you not!

When he’s in the office, he is our most senior developer and makes all the architectural changes to our platform as a whole. He works closes with Alan in working out how the platform will move forward and be developed to the ever changing needs of auctioneers. Previously, John developed software for the web service, which alerts investment clubs when their shares have reached a certain price. As lead programmer at games tester Babel Media, John led technical teams to port games to various mobile handsets. He has an Msc from Birmingham University in advanced computer science. Just for fun, John co-founded £5app, a meet-up for programmers to showcase their lightweight software. He programs in Java, Python, PHP and SQL (MySQL).


Steven Nash


Steve is one of our developers and he works in a variety of projects. He is busy keeping things ticking over for us on the day to day development and you may well here from him when we are developing new features for your site.

In his spare time Steven has a passion for 80s music (frilly shirts, high boots & baggy trousers), cites his favourite film as ‘Back to the Future’ and he is currently enjoying being rather ‘forced’ by his wife to catch up on 4 series of Game of Thrones!


Luana Chase

Senior Developer

In 2015 we were proud to welcome Luana, the company’s first female developer. Women are still under-represented in the field of programming but Luana easily holds her own in terms of talent and coding skill-set. An native Italian speaker, a passionate cook and a quietly accomplished developer, she brings a fresh new perspective to the team.

Luana specialises in managing our server security and hosting. She is currently working on the migration of our platform to a cloud-based system.


Jonathan Evans

Junior Software Developer

Jono has joined us as part of our continuing talent development program in partnership with the University of Sussex. He works on a range of client applications, from routine software upgrades and user interface improvements to bespoke client commissions on a supervised basis.

Jono has been a key player in our latest admin dashboard re-design and is developing his knowledge of the user experience.


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