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Live video streaming, what does it bring to the online auction party?

Over the past 18 months video content has become a more and more important and interesting medium for the internet. It allows people to express themselves, it provides entertainment and it has provided media organisations with the ability to reach new audiences and embellish news reports. As

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Mel B auction for CLIC Sargent

This is something we are really proud of and pleased to be involved with. Buy Once Give Twice, who run our auction software are running part of the Mel B auction on behalf of charity CLIC Sargent (the other half is being run by eBay). Mel B

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Jet Blue auction declared a success

Back in September the airline Jet Blue announced they were to sell 300 flights  and holiday packages by auction on ebay. All 300 flights were sold, with many of the bidders picking up flights at a 40% discount. Some even paid more than the official price on the company’s

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