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Try out our new auction rental demo site!

We are pleased to present the new rental edition version of our auction demo website. We have had a standard demo website for quite some time, but we thought it would be helpful to create a demo site specifically for the benefit of our rental clients. The

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Access your auction from any device with our new “responsive” technology

These days people can access the internet from a wide range of different devices, from netbooks to tablets to mobile phones. However, many websites are not ideally suited to being viewed from these alternative devices. Often websites are too large, bloated and awkward to use on small

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Using multi-unit auctions for fundraising

We’ll be doing some exciting work over the summer with The Home Depot Foundation, with the help of the leading incentive marketing company US Motivation.  The Home Depot Foundation is an organisation which raises funds to further the community building goals of Home Depot, the U.S.A.’s leading home

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An Egg-citing fundraising auction for us: The Big Egg Hunt Charity Auction

Easter weekend sees the culmination of a rather large online auction project we’ve been working on for the Elephant Family and Action for Children along with digital agency Home Made Digital. The auction has been put together by Faberge and they have enlisted the help of many well known artists to create the egg sculptures which have been on display around London from February to Easter weekend 2012.

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A Generic wsgi file for deploying Django with virtualenv and mod_wsgi

Virtualenv is one of several tools that all good Python developers should know. It lets you run several Python applications side-by-side, each with their own Python libraries installed. That’s a godsend when you have several projects running on the same server, that update at different rates.

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