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Online Coffee Auction, Helmsman Style

We are proud to announce that this week we are running our first independent auction with coffee grower, Fincas Mierisch, who are based in Nicaragua, who will be selling 20 batches of their own coffee direct to coffee roasters around the world. We have a current relationship

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Auctioneer Required for Live Charity Auction

We received this from Armonico Consort who are a charity and thought it might be a nice PR opportunity for an auction house in or around Warwickshire. They have asked the following: “I write to ask for your kind support on behalf of Warwickshire based charity Armonico

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Current running auctions on our platform?

We thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of some of the auctions running on our auction software platform. We think it will help to provide a little bit of publicity to our clients and to also give those people interested in

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Alliance for Coffee Excellence’s new site is now live

Last month saw the launch of a quite large project we’ve been working on, the new website of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence. The Alliance for Coffee Excellence is a non-profit organisation supporting the development and promotion of high quality gourmet coffees, whilst also being committed to helping the

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The Big Egg Hunt is back, using our platform the second year running

We’re pleased to announce that The Big Egg Hunt has returned to us a second year running for another online auction. Last year, the Big Egg Hunt used our platform to great success, with the Hunt raising over £1 million altogether. This year’s Hunt is sponsored by Lindt and will

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