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Real-Time Auction Software

Introducing Our Real-Time Auction Software

Performance is key to a commercially viable auction system. Our real time auction software allows bidding to be performed by the user through the web site itself, with no other software being required. The system provides information in real time to the user, and the page updates automatically without the need for the user to reload or refresh. To encourage competition, coloured bidding indicators clearly show bidders whether they are winning or losing an auction.

Key Features

  • Real time interface – no need to refresh the page
  • Scalable solution able to withstand rapid bidding patterns
  • Prices update automatically
  • The user knows quickly that another bid has entered the system
  • Auto bidding – the system bids to a maximum value on behalf of the user
  • Overtime bidding – bids made in the last minutes of an auction will trigger and extension to the bidding, until a winner is determined
  • ‘Buy now’ feature
  • ‘My Bids’ section – bidding history
  • Online Market always ‘live’ auction – lots can be added by third parties in an eBay style.
  • Detailed descriptions and photo libraries
  • Fully featured auction management tools.
  • Upload lots in bulk, along with images

Dynamic Interface

As bids are placed in the system, the user interface is updated dynamically. The latest bids and current bids are updated  in real time on the web page.

Whilst the page updates are made, bidding can continue without any disruption to the web page performance. This allows the user to place bids in response to the changing market; in rapid succession if required. In other words, the user has the ability to respond very quickly to the changing nature of the auction.

Auto Bidding

The user may, if they wish, place an ‘auto bid’ which sets a maximum amount they wish to bid to. The website will then automatically bid on the user’s behalf up to that maximum bid, making sure they stay ahead of the market in their absence.

It also gives users the ability to set their maximum desired purchase price – and then sit back to wait and see if they were able to buy the lot at that price or less, if the market determines.


The website is able to deal with high volumes of activity on the site, without hindering the experience of the user. An example of this was a recent auction with over 500 lots. As the auction drew to a climax, the system received 4,000 bids over the final three hours of the auction. This represented an average of 1 bid every 2.7 seconds.

At times over this period, many simultaneous bids were being placed, the system being able to determine which one was placed first. Other recent auctions have also seen performance at similar levels.



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