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Auctions amongst least unpopular fundraising methods, according to FRSB report

A recent report by the FRSB reveals the fundraising methods that attract the most complaints from the public. The most unpopular methods on the list include door-to-door fundraising, unsolicited mail and email, telephone fundraising, street fundraising and outdoor events. Possible reasons for some of these methods’ unpopularity could

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Olympic torch auctions reveal pitfalls of selling on eBay and other auction portals

One news story that has attracted a great deal of interest lately is that of a former Olympic torch-bearer who decided to put up her Olympic torch for auction on eBay. Sarah Milner Symonds put the torch up for auction in order to raise funds for a

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Invoices made easy with our new how-to guide

Some of our clients have difficulty getting to grips with how to make invoices on our auction system, so we decided it would be useful to create a new how-to guide with all the information you need. The guide is clearly laid out and divided into easily digestible

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Try out our new auction rental demo site!

We are pleased to present the new rental edition version of our auction demo website. We have had a standard demo website for quite some time, but we thought it would be helpful to create a demo site specifically for the benefit of our rental clients. The

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Access your auction from any device with our new “responsive” technology

These days people can access the internet from a wide range of different devices, from netbooks to tablets to mobile phones. However, many websites are not ideally suited to being viewed from these alternative devices. Often websites are too large, bloated and awkward to use on small

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